#179 First Woman World Champion NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster

Top Fuel Alcohol Dragster Racing

The rumble and raw speed of a Top Fuel Alcohol Dragster is an incredible thing to witness and quite frankly, the in-between rounds back in the pits is a true mechanical wonder to experience as a fan, no matter how old or what background you have. That visceral acquaintance with horsepower leaves us all in a wonderment longing for more. In a world of constant change, the NHRA has never ceased to deliver that consistent attraction for fans, while inspiring future generations to get behind both the wheel and picking up a few wrenches behind the flywheel.

First Woman Champion

As the award winning 2019 Top Alcohol Dragster Champion, Megan Meyer https://bit.ly/MeganMeyerRacing since the age of 10, has competitively raced with the grit and zeal of a seasoned veteran. She grew up around the sport of drag racing as the oldest daughter of renowned championship winning driver and team owner, Randy Meyer. She has stepped up time after time setting up at the starting line while offering a burnout to track down a competitive run. Megan has alcohol running through her veins as a fierce racing spirit. Coming off the heels of a big win running side-by-side with points rival Troy Coughlin Jr. to command the championship, we are honored to have Megan Meyer on the show!

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