About Frank Leutz , Susie Sockets & Gregg Ovist

Host Frank Leutz

Born in Frankfurt, Germany and growing up in Washington Heights, NYC (just N of Harlem), Frank became an accomplished trombonist with multiple appearances at Carnegie Hall performing with greats Dizzy Gillespie, Tito Puente, Dave Valentine, Branford Marsalis, Lionel Hampton, as a jazz\salsa musician with the McDonalds Tri-State Jazz band.

After high school, he chose to travel the world serving in the Navy until 1990 when he married his beautiful wife and decided to enter the automotive industry. After learning the ropes as a mechanic, he ventured out starting his first automotive shop in 1996 with $4,000, a used hoist, a floor jack, and lots of naive determination. Six years later, he profited through the sale of that business, and in 2004 opened Desert Car Care of Chandler in Chandler, Arizona.

Desert Car Care expanded to a second location in 2009 and a third in 2012. Both were profitably sold in 2013 to focus on the Chandler operation which grew to become a nationally recognized and award-winning seven-bay, top 1% national gross revenue automotive repair shop.

Frank took his leadership abilities to serve as President of the Phoenix Chapter of the Automotive Service Association from 2013-2017. In 2016 he was elected and continues to serve, on the National ASA Mechanical Operations Committee representing over 5,000 independent garage owners across the country.

In 2016, he launched Wrench Nation, a national platform to educate on all things automotive,while creating a positive lifestyle platform with interviews of fascinating automotive industry guests from across the globe through the award-winning Wrench Nation Car Talk Radio Show that he hosts weekly on Wednesday from 4-5 pm MST on 88.7FM The Pulse. The live show is then repurposed as a podcast and distributed through additional radio stations and podcast distribution channels with a large fan base of car enthusiasts, automotive industry shop owners, technicians as well as up-and-coming talent that are looking to enter the automotive industry as a full-time career.

Frank continues to be a sought-after car care expert for Phoenix Metro TV networks & national media platforms to educate the public on vehicle care tips and national automotive news, product talent for a multitude of Fortune 500 Automotive Corporate brands, and as an industry expert on various panels while truly enjoying speaking engagements at automotive conferences throughout the country .

“My journey will never be complete as there are many discoveries and ventures of helping the human spirit and sharing the great bounties of life’s experiences with many, and always remembering that, “Success Is Not Final, Failure Not Fatal…It Is the Courage That Counts.”


Contributing Host Susie Sockets 

As an Arizona native, Susie has worked with many in the corporate land of goings-ons and has a virtual Rolodex that many often ask ..”who don’t you know “? Never working in the automotive industry prior to coming to Desert Car Care of Chandler in 2017, Susie has soaked up the automotive Kool Aide and is hooked!

With her passion for people and life, while keeping it humorous and quick-witted, her abilities as a co-host on Wrench Nation were a natural fit. Somehow, some way, being told all her life that she has a voice for radio… it all came full circle! As she loves to cook up meals, while singing off-key once, in a while, Susie spends her time creating long-lasting relationships with both friends and clients while serving up big smiles. As a born leader, Susie never takes any day for granted and keeps it down to earth with a philosophy of gratitude.



Contributing Host Gregg Ovist 

 Gregg Ovist is the CEO/Owner of GEEZZUP L.L.C. and has been called a “TRUE CAR GUY” through the years. 

His passion for the automobile started at an early age with Hot Wheels and diecast cars which obviously evolved into life-size cars and owning close to 160 cars throughout his lifetime. He created GEEZZUP because he has always been the “go-to” guy for his friends and family that were shopping for a car classic or late model.  His primary goal has always been to help anyone at any level with impartial advice about project vehicles or practical assistance at an auction.

The GEEZZUP mantra is to analyze, identify, advise, and execute, as Gregg truly wants people to buy the car they love instead of the one they like. 

While growing up as a car guy Gregg has experienced many great things from building custom vehicles for the SEMA show that draws people from all over the world, helping folks locate and acquire their dream cars at auctions, or just meeting fellow car enthusiasts and hearing their stories.

Gregg is also involved with sponsoring auto museums throughout the country and is super excited to be a published writer for an automotive magazine, where he can kick it up notches with useful tips for the classic car marketplace.

As someone who is passionate about sharing build projects from industry icons and celebrities to the average individual who is just getting started with a purchase of their vehicular dreams ..we are honored to have Gregg on board with the Wrench Nation family!

As Gregg would say ” Never stop hugging each other,  and always hug your ride “!




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