#206 Windshield Myths & Tips

Windshield Myths & Tips 

We reveal the truths & what you need to be aware of regarding CHIPS , CRACKS ,NEW SAFETY TECHNOLOGY & installation errors TO AVOID with Rey Romero of Anytime Auto Glass & Tint   https://bit.ly/2GItmSK

With 30 % of insurance claims , & between 13-14 million windshields replaced every year, chances are that you will have to deal with either a chip repair or complete replacement. But really , how do you know if the workmanship was performed properly and with the latest in ADAS ( Advanced Driver Awareness Technology ) was the vital camera ,radar systems calibrated properly..or at all ?

We investigate the common symptoms of improperly installed glass and what to look for on this edition of Wrench Nation Car Talk http://bit.ly/WrenchNation

Windshield problems ? Contact us at the garage for a referral near you http://bit.ly/DesertCarCareChandler

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