#183 The Last Open Road Motorsports Experience

Reflection Propels the Journey

We sometimes reflect about how we arrived as automotive technicians, service advisors or owners of our operations. It is the sort of reflection that we lean on regarding those difficult days or hardcore challenges. We all have our stories and life experiences that make us who we are today. Many of you race on the weekend or are carving out the ability to someday hit the race circuit professionally, of which we can all agree, is no easy task. Hard days and long nights while we continually reflect on how far we have come so we can continue the courage to keep moving forward.

The Racing Roller Coaster

Mechanic, shop owner, race car driver, journalist and novelist, Burt Levy https://bit.ly/TheLastOpenRoad is no stranger to the highs and lows of racing, or wrenching on his vehicles, while always keeping his spirit tucked tight to the automotive industry. Whether humble race beginnings behind a somewhat ragtag Triumph TR-3, to ultimately competitively hitting it hard on the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) circuit or slinging used vehicles at a dealership, Burt has always maintained a light spirited approach to the industry.

This journey would become an incredible account illustrated through one of the top motorsports book series, The Last Open Road. From renowned automotive enthusiasts like Jay Leno to celebrities of race car racing, Burt has carved out a fan base that can truly relate to his unique ability to tell that story.

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