Industry Special Edition : Diversity,Inclusion & Equality | Automotive Aftermarket Series

Special Edition : Inclusivity , Diversity & Equality | Automotive Aftermarket Series 

How can we as an automotive aftermarket, comprised of so many functions, ensure that prejudice & discrimination is eliminated from the landscape of our micro and macro cultures, where everyone is treated fairly and welcomed ?

Prejudice & discrimination is a tough topic to unfold in just one short hour , however, well needed and justified , especially during a time of huge shortages of skilled talent, that we can all agree …can effect the bottom line , no matter how large or small our enterprises.

Maintaining a playing field that ensures each and every individual has the opportunity to flourish, automotive talents & leaders Tammy Tecklenburg & Jill Trotta join us in studios to discuss how to champion Inclusivity, Diversity & Equality throughout the automotive aftermarket .

Interested in learning more & attending workshops? Please visit the Center for Automotive Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

Women in Auto Care Leadership Conference


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