#168 Author Chris Balish: How to Live Well Without a Car!

$147,000 dollars

That’s how much money our guest this week, Chris Balish, saved by making one really smart financial decision. His wife Jennifer, has saved more than $54,000 by making the same decision, thus together they’ve saved $200,000. They are completely debt-free, and within another year or two, they’re going to pay cash for a house.

How did they do it? By going car free. They occasionally rent cars and frequently ride in cars, they just don’t own one — the fixed costs are too high.

There are many benefits to living car free, and the financial windfall is at the top of the list. According to the American Automobile Association, the average cost of car ownership is $8,400 a year — over $700 per month. Keep in mind that you pay for your car in after-tax dollars. So a $700 monthly car cost eats up approximately $1,000 in salary. Every month.

How would you like to boost your income by one thousand dollars a month without a side hustle and without having to beg your boss for a raise? What could you do with that money? Lots of things. Pay off debt, like credit cards or student loans. Save it. Invest it. Buy an appreciating asset like a house or rental property. Buy Bitcoins if you’re feeling sassy. Travel. Save for a child’s college. Or even pay off your mortgage and retire early. Serious question: how would you like to be debt free and have six figures of cash in the bank — without doing any extra work?


When you go car free not only will you save a boatload of cash, you’ll also reduce your stress level, lose weight, improve your health, live longer, retire sooner, and do your part to help fight climate change.

When Chris first got rid of his car, he was a TV News anchor in St. Louis, Missouri. Within a few months of bicycle commuting to work he lost 25 pounds and saw his abs for the first time in years. Even though he was eating as much as he wanted. It’s all possible with one smart lifestyle choice… going car free. You will still ride in cars and rent them occasionally, you just won’t own one. Chris and his wife Jennifer have lived in the global epicenter of car culture, Los Angeles, California, for years.

Exciting news! Chris and his wife, Jennifer now teach a course to help you become car free and save money! Learn more about it at https://bit.ly/CarFreeCourse

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