#177 Military Veterans Gain Traction with Automotive Skills & Careers

Military Vets Struggle for Employment

We are a country that is proud of our military heroes regardless of party lines or affiliations.. What about those veterans that are returning from overseas and their prospect of a career to support their families and future and find it to be a struggle? According to many statistics and reporting, this is not always an easy transition for them and arguments that could be made on both sides that would suggest there are serious problems that need to be addressed for both the veterans and potential employer.

The Shortage of Mechanics

The shortage of automotive service technicians is indisputable, even as the industry debates its numerous causes. That gap threatens the financial health of all areas of transportation, including new car dealerships and the independent automotive marketplace. With a shortage currently top dead center in the industry and what is often a tough segue to civilian life for veterans and military families, are we as an industry seeking out the talent of our veterans? Are you as a veteran able to take advantage of programs that currently exist?

We are honored to discuss these issues with Luigi Scola, a decorated U.S. Navy veteran and 32-year owner of CARSTAR Scola’s Collision Center from Illinois https://bit.ly/CARSTARScolaCollsionCntr and John Decoteau III, Vice President Campus and Military Admissions at Universal Technical Institute https://bit.ly/UTIMilitaryVetsServices regarding solutions for both the industry and military vets on this week’s Wrench Nation Car Talk!


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