#308 Used Car Scams To Completely Avoid : What’s Really Underhood ?


The deliberate act of selling a used car with undisclosed major mechanical problems underscores a profound breach of trust and ethical responsibility. 

Such actions not only jeopardize the safety of the unsuspecting buyer but also reflect a disconcerting lack of integrity on the part of the seller. By concealing crucial information about the car’s mechanical issues, these individuals prioritize personal gain over the well-being of others. This unethical practice not only results in financial losses for the buyer but also potentially endangers lives when serious malfunctions arise.

We reveal some of the more cynical & sneaky ways sellers will hide or try and mask from you those major mechanical faults that are lurking underhood. These shady sellers will use readily available fluids to try and make you believe that all is well under hood , when in reality, you are about to buy a complete lemon that could cost you BIG dollar repairs after your purchase.

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