#216 LS Swaps : What’s Best For Your Project Ride

As LS SWAPS are all the rage seen on a variety of vehicles from the Mazda RX7 to the S10 pickup to the Porsche 911 -you name it and it probably has the engine bay , of course with modifications, to drop a nicely tuned LS series engine creating that next level of unearthly like horsepower. 
How does one go about a legitimate strategy installing an LS series engine , and not get it wrong?  With so many options available , we discuss some of the basics about all things swappage of the LS power plant. 
We are honored to have Terry COVERMAN66 -CHECK OUT HIS You Tube Channel  https://bit.ly/2Lhj3Yr  , an experienced authority on LS swaps who has seen a wide variety of power plant situations, share his approach  in hopes we can help you before you start dropping unnecessary time and coin on your project !
Terry has a home shop THE GARAGE SHOP – where he builds classic muscle cars with nothing but LS series engines under the hood and a YouTube channel helping many with their vehicle projects. From suspension builds to LS1 swaps -Terry has created a popular following with his sincere and candid approach , while keeping it honest and funny. Who says education has to be boring anyway??

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