#186 Mitch Schneider: Industry Icon & Author!

Industry Veteran with Heart & Soul 

Mitch Schneider is a 52-year veteran of the automotive service industry. A fourth-generation auto repair professional, certified master technician, and for more than 37 years, operated Schneider’s Automotive, a successful six-bay, family-owned and operated service facility in Simi Valley, CA, PLUS accomplished trade journalist. As a result of his knowledge and experience, he presents his first acclaimed novel, Misfire: What To Do When Things Aren’t Running On All Cylinders. https://bit.ly/MitchSchneiderMisfire

What Makes Mitch Smile Through it All

We discuss the early years of Mitch’s career, his insightful and lighthearted approach of stories written in many industry publications over the years, and what kept him going through it all. Mitch has an incredible talent for making us smile and causing us to pause and reflect. With stories of life lessons learned from his career, martial arts practice and health crisis, he sought deeper ways to center his spirit while balancing a small automotive business environment. We are privileged to have industry legend and author Mitch Schneider join us on the show!

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