#181 Tariff Wars & Trade Battles: Auto Industry Expert Shares the Future.

The Journey of Automotive Parts

The trade wars that are currently going on are historic, especially as it relates to the automotive industry and manufacturing. GM’s Romulus Powertrain plant makes about 400,000 V-6 engines a year for high-margin Cadillac SUVs, light pickup trucks and other GM vehicles, while the process of manufacturing the critical pistons can lead to a cross border journey that most are not aware of. The Romulus built V-6 uses 235 parts from 100 primary suppliers. Sixty-seven ship from factories in the United States, 13 from Mexico, eight from Canada and 12 from elsewhere in the world. Most of the electronics come from Asia, which is a big deal.

Trade Wars & Tariff Battles

As the fight continues to position the United States in a leading role for manufacturing, we will discuss how the current tariff climate truly affects the end retail user from automotive consumers to the automotive technician, reliant on auto parts and tooling required to produce in a timely and cost effective manner. Our guest, CEO Laurie Harbour of Harbour Results Inc. https://bit.ly/HarbourResultsInc a manufacturing expert and automotive industry consultant, provides us with an inside track to the current state of affairs within the tariff and trade concerns between China and the United States.

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