#192 Drew Alcazar CEO Russo & Steele Collector Car Auction

Drew Alcazar celebrating 20 Years of Collector Car Auction Success

As one of the most talented & dynamic car auctioneers of the industry, CEO Drew Alcazar of the famed Russo & Steele car auctions joins us today. -Along with his wife & partner , Josephine, they have created a unique, highly personal and visceral car auction experience in an intimate environment .  

Drew Alcazar developed an auction block that has never been created before or since, and the “Auction in the Round” concept was born.

Giving both the buyer and seller a close up at the floor of the action while creating a gladiator dome like appeal makes this style of car auctions one of the more memorable experiences for collectors .

We discuss the future of car auctions & why online auctions may not be in the best interest of the car collector community. Additionally Drew announces their new division, RS Automobile Services, with restoration, storage ,detailing , private sales & consulting exclusively all under one roof.

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