#159 Summer Road Trip Tips

The Timeless Family Classic, the Road Trip.

We often think of road trips as a time to get away, visit relatives and friends and set off for the freedom of the road. Packing items that will keep the kiddos occupied and a few snacks while maybe having a mechanic glance at a few things like the basics of tires , oil level and condition, and a few safety items like brakes and all exterior lighting. But is this truly enough?

The Deep Discovery of Mechanical Concerns.

While receiving an oil service and basic inspection is a great start, is this enough? More importantly, what are you truly looking for from vehicle to vehicle during certain mileage intervals? The owner’s manual does a pretty good job of laying out a road map of what items should be checked off at specific mileage points, but how many actually read it? Then there are the vital recall and service bulletins that may affect upcoming repairs, or that latest program to the onboard computer that could affect the operation of a multitude of systems, including how well mpg is produced?

The Inspection Story You Need to Know from the Service Bays.

There are hundreds of articles online regarding road trip tips and how to keep your vehicle safe and reliable. We get it. But how many of these truly bring in a perspective of what mechanics are seeing in the service bays that are true testimonials of what can go wrong and how to avoid it? We attempt to make sense of it all and provide a deeper look into some of the worst case scenarios that could play out during a road trip. You will hear real world experiences in the service bays while performing hundreds of road trip inspections. We are honored to have Bill Nalu, talented technician and garage owner of Interstate Auto Care in Madison Heights, MI https://bit.ly/InterstateAutoCare join us for highlights of specific mechanical disasters you can avoid that go above the basic routine of a quick check.

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