#158 Nick Sutton The DeLorean Story

Ambition and Greed

The fascinating, and at times, poorly understood life of one of the most scandalous stories in automobile manufacturing history has John DeLorean sitting perched high atop the list of tragic outcomes. The story of the General Motors rising executive who would ultimately go on to pursue his dream of creating a cutting edge car company, DMC (DeLorean Motor Company), is riddled with accounts of both ambition and greed. Who was the man behind what generations of car enthusiasts have come to know as the mysterious “Back to the Future” car?

DMC Factory Employee #16 Tells All

Author Nick Sutton, The DeLorean Story – The Car, The People, The Scandal, https://amzn.to/2ML7nNv, worked for the Belfast plant of DeLorean from the start of the program in 1978 and finished two weeks before the DeLorean gates were locked for good in January 1983. His role was to coordinate design release and supplier selection from Lotus Cars who had agreed to develop the DeLorean under contract between John DeLorean and Colin Chapman, Chairman of Lotus Cars. Nick Sutton joins us from Chicago before he attends the Midwest Premiere of the documentary movie Framing John DeLorean. We chat about one of the most compelling accounts of automotive history.


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