#156 Car Chix Grudge Match Racing

Sniveling Sore Loser. 

When some of us lose at competing head-to-head, we walk away and consider it a done deal. A few of us will down right argue up the fact that everything by way of that competition was not aligned in our favor for whatever reason(s). The heat of competitive passion ensues with a few choice words, emotions, and a serious intention to strike back for a redemption rematch.

Welcome Grudge Racing. 

The art of winning a race competition involves a serious amount of time, and for the most part, an investment of sponsors to support that journey professionally. Much is at stake here and at the end of the day, no one wants to lose. Behind the wheel of just about any motorsports race vehicle are drivers and their teams who will not stop at anything to attain that big ‘W.’ That striped finish line is the goal and the work behind the scenes to accomplish that can be grueling and undoubtedly drum up serious emotions on and off the track. Grudge racing, legal or illegal, can bring some of the most intense race wars and that can ultimately elevates some of the most serious intensity that lurks deep down inside any fighting race warrior spirit.

The Female Fury of A Track Feud. 

Jeanette DesJardins of Car Chix Motorsports https://bit.ly/2K8lhGHCarChix, brings the showdown of two arch rivals who are ready to battle it out every important inch of the drag raceway track at the NHRA NATIONALS at Route 66 Raceway Friday, May 31st and Saturday, June 1st. Georgina Buckley will go head-to-head in her 2005 nitrous powered 2005 Ford Mustang, against Lea Ochs, in her Turbo powered 1978 Ford Fairmont Wagon. Jeanette joins us as we step back in time to dig up some of the most notorious NHRA race matches and discuss her business strategies and coaching with many motorsports teams across the country.

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