#155 Noor Daoud: Drift Life – Breaking Global Barriers in Motorsports

Drift Racing Global Attraction.

Drift racing originated in Japan in the mid ‘90’s and has taken a foothold across the globe, including the Middle East, as a popular sport competing for style, tire smoke, line and angle strategies, speed and showmanship. Think of traditional motorsports like NASCAR and NHRA similar to boxing, and drift racing very much like the transition to the more colorful UFC. Many can equip their favorite rear-wheel drive setup with an LS1 engine, grab a few sponsors and they are off and running.

Noor Daoud – Palestinian Female Drift Racer Brings It.

Gender equality in the Middle East has been a critical issue for many years, and the woman who have faced an abundant amount of challenges also refuse to accept limited lifestyles and conditions. Noor Daoud is from the town of Ramallah, West Bank. Deeply rooted in traditions of family roles and structure, she has never wavered from her passion and freedom of drift racing as a serious competitor. Taking Top 10 positions at many Middle Eastern Drift events like the Red Bull Car Park Drift, Noor never quits and never looks back. She is a member of the Speed Sisters, a likeminded group of women with a strong passion for racing, who pursued their passions against all odds that can be seen now on film at https://speedsisters.tv/.

The Time Has Come.

While Saudi Arabia has recently lifted the ban on driving for women, who at one time could not have the freedom to enjoy a drive behind the wheel of a vehicle let alone piloting the punch of a fast and furious drifting horsepower beast, we are honored and privileged to have an intimate conversation of a courageous young lady that is bringing inspiration throughout the arena of drifting motorsports and women across the globe.

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