#154 Vehicle Cyber Security & Data Privacy

Safely Connect Me Please. 

As a society, we are truly connected to data and information. In some occasions, this connectivity can leave us open to the risk of a cybersecurity nightmare. Can our vehicles pose that very same security risk with advancements of automotive technology? We have all heard and seen the widely reported incident of a Jeep vehicle purposely hacked to prove the point of how vulnerable we can be behind the wheel. Was this a “one-off” situation to prove a point by determined hackers or a viable case that could pose a more dangerous situation en masse as a potential nightmare?

The Battle for Vehicle Security. What You Need to Know. 

With so many questions, and quite frankly a topic that has seen its fair share of hyped up news, we seek out answers about vehicle cybersecurity. Our guest this week is Bob Redding, Washington, D.C. representative of the Automotive Service Association, https://bit.ly/2Q4Bjlw, and since 1993, President of The Redding Firm, a legislative consulting and advocacy firm located on Capitol Hill. Bob has received presidential appointments to federal advisory committees at the U.S. Justice Department, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Transportation and Department of Labor, and gives us an intimate look at vehicle security and data privacy concerns.

You lose steering. Acceleration is wonky. All systems a NO go. 

What can you do with a potential hijacking of the onboard systems of your vehicle, taking over the vital stream of data on the controlled area network and those various computer modules? What are the current safeguards being executed by the automobile manufacturers? Join us for a fascinating look at the word of vehicle security and the potential for hackers to bypass the safety measures that are currently in place.

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