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Flying Cars
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The technological grip over the next 10 years in transportation is currently pacing to exceed the last 100 years of automobile history. With automation & driverless transport vehicles currently in heavy testing and coming soon place we shoot to the skies and discover the flying car.

Traffic is at an alarming rate throughout the world–personal flying vessel a viable solution or should we really start boring underground, as Elon Musk envisions?

Mobility Concept Volocopter has successfully tested for the past five years and is ready to launch commercially in the next 36 Months. The cost factor. Is it really practical for the average individual.

Terrafugia expects to deliver its first flying car to the market in 2019. It also plans to launch a vehicle capable of vertical takeoff and landing by 2025. So much must be done before than regarding safety laws and infrastructure –can we get there by then ?

With the latest news coming from Germany regarding flying cars, we investigate the practicality and potential of flying personal transport.

Will laws be drafted to truly make our skies safe here ?

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government just signed a letter of intent with executives from Volkswagen’s Audi unit and plane maker Airbus to test air taxis in and around the Bavarian city of Ingolstadt.

A key ingredient for flying vehicles is to completely avoid pesky aviation licensing –will this change in the future ?

Traditional GPS is available for 1-2mm accuracy –why 2 CM is required and absolutely critical.

8 propellers –if one fails –7 remaining to keep you safe, as systems are designed with redundancy measures in place. Are these enough to gain the confidence of the flying public.

The fear of flying and the psychology behind it all- starting from the very beginning stages of arriving to the airport and the fear of crowds.

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