#166 Auto Parts Experts Talk Rotating Electric: Tips for Under Hood Success

Under Hood Rotating Electric

While technology is certainly blazing away, there have been some changes to these age old components of your vehicle, the starter and alternator. As the alternator has made advancements in certain vehicle platforms by incorporating the on board computer in circuit as well as clutch style pulley systems, these parts can often be misdiagnosed, creating an in bay comeback or a frustrating weekend at home working on your ride making multiple trips to the parts house. 

Back to Basics

On this special technical edition of the show, we are going to uncover some of the common areas of alternator and starter misdiagnosis and review some of those technical service bulletins that can help us before we head down the wrong path. With special guests, Jim Crosson of Parts Authority https://bit.ly/PartsAuthorityLocations and Jeff Johnson of Motor Car Parts of America https://bit.ly/MotorcarPartsAmerica come join us for some insight and education on one of the most common automotive repairs going down in the service bay or at home in your garage


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