#300 Streamlining Automotive Retail Tech : Founder Nick Askew Space Auto

Is your dealership staff mentally fatigued from workflow that is extremely complicated & convoluted?

“Ugh, I can’t believe this! Every single day, it’s the same old story – a maze of confusing, disjointed systems that I have to navigate just to help a customer. It’s like the company took a handful of software from different centuries and decided to mash them all together”……

Come and join us as Nick Askew makes a pitstop on the show, where he will delve into innovative methods for utilizing AI and technology within your dealership. Discover how these approaches can be seamlessly integrated to enhance productivity, boost sales, and create a significantly more contented team.

Space Auto, founded by Nick Askew, is committed to a product roadmap that will capitalize on centralized data and the latest AI tech. Using proprietary software, Space Auto’s future includes developing products that will automate tasks, such as checking for inventory or vehicle details, shopping across banks for real-time loans, and speeding up consumer-dealer communications and interactions. The goal of this AI is to provide dealers with operational efficiency, lower costs, and a better customer experience.


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