#290 Latest EV News with Automoblog Chief Editor Carl Anthony & BONUS Industry Thought Leader Lucas Underwood Stops By the Show

The Latest in EV News 

Greetings, fellow earthlings! We are bringing you the latest EV news for the year 2023!

First up, we have the big players in the automotive industry going head to head in the EV race. Tesla, Ford, and GM are all vying for the top spot, each trying to outdo the other with their electric offerings. It’s like a high-speed game of musical chairs, and the winner takes home the crown of the best EV manufacturer, as Tesla fans will beg to differ !

In other news, there have been some exciting developments in battery technology. Researchers have been working tirelessly to create batteries that are cheaper, smaller, and more efficient than ever before.

Did you know that Nike has jumped on the EV bandwagon too? That’s right, they’ve developed an electric car that runs on sweat. Okay, we might be kidding about that last part, but the idea is to use kinetic energy generated from exercising to power your ride. So, lace up your running shoes, and let’s hit the road!

Last but not least, the world is getting greener every day. Governments around the world are incentivizing EV adoption by offering tax breaks, rebates, and other perks to those who make the switch. So, not only will you be doing your part for the environment, but you’ll also be saving some green in the process.

Carl Anthony , Editor in Chief of Automoblog , Founder of Auto Vision News, and a serious all-things City of Detroit fan is our special guest as we navigate the latest goings on in the EV space!

But first ……Lucas Underwood of the Changing the Industry Podcast & Shop Owner of L & N Performance out of North Carolina sets us up with an incredible announcement of why you really need to take some time out of the garage and attend the upcoming ASTA Networking event bringing both service technicians and service advisors together to discuss the solutions required on both ends for a more productive and positive future of the automotive industry!

Grab a beverage for a jam-packed show & remember your comments and input on the topic are always welcomed!

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