#288 Are We Truly Ready for Full Self Driving ?


With so much in the news regarding TESLA Full Self Driving MODE -we are honored to have computer scientist Chris Piche of Smarter AI on today’s WrenchNation Show to explore the technology & investigate the current state of the technology.

The development of fully self-driving vehicles is still ongoing, and while there has been significant progress, there are still many challenges that need to be addressed before they can become widely available. While some self-driving cars are already on the road today, they typically require a human backup driver to take control in certain situations.

There are a number of technical, regulatory, and ethical considerations that must be taken into account before fully self-driving vehicles can be deemed safe and ready for widespread use. For example, self-driving cars must be able to navigate unpredictable and complex environments, such as busy city streets, and they must be able to communicate effectively with other vehicles, pedestrians, and infrastructure.

Additionally, regulations and laws will need to be updated to account for the unique challenges and risks associated with self-driving vehicles. There are also ethical questions surrounding the use of self-driving cars, such as who would be held responsible in the event of an accident.

Overall, while progress is being made, it may be some time before fully self-driving vehicles are ready for widespread use.

What technology is required to keep us safe?
The legislation required for mass adaption on our roadways.
The biggest shortcomings of FSD currently.
Tesla’s latest massive over-the-air update -should it be considered a Recall?
Join us as we dissect the current state of FSD & decipher the future of autonomous platforms !

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