#286 Do You Ever Feel Like Your Marketing Efforts Are Going Nowhere?

You’re frustrated as recent marketing & brand reach efforts for your auto ops are similar to your go-round at casino penny slots.

I have been there, and can totally relate.. after all the costs of bad marketing efforts start to add up and it can truly roll downhill knocking out every single positive detail you have built for your business.

What can you trust that will actually perform well ?

What does the message really need to say and resonate with your potential new clients ( THIS IS CRITICAL)

Why FREE THIS AND FREE THAT offers could be destroying the FUTURE of your business.

The talented Mike DelaCruz of Overdryve is our special guest as we dissect areas of brand reach and marketing that you need to pay attention to and what you can do immediately to turn your ship around!

Combining two great industries: Automotive & Music -get your copy today and help us support the show!

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