#284 Why You Utterly Hate Dealing with Vehicle Service -Tips on How to Turn This Around

You have a pretty well-operating automotive service operation, with the latest in technology, and a fantastic team of service advisors and well-trained technicians. Add the glowing reviews that you have worked hard for and VOILA -you have the recipe for success …UNTIL…
..”I don’t like going to the mechanic because it always feels like I’m getting taken for a ride! Every time I go, they tell me I need something else fixed and it’s never cheap. Plus, I’m always worried that they’re going to try to sell me something I don’t need. It’s like they’re trying to take my money and drive away with it!”….
Poor communication arises from the vehicle owner or a TOTAL misconception of what vehicle service looks like in their eyes…OR let’s just face it …you totally missed the opportunity to LISTEN carefully and things just rapidly fell apart across the board.
Assuming that you’re always providing value and training to get better -what the heck is the disconnect ?…and why are consumers SO frustrated when seeking vehicle service and repairs ? ..
We tackle a few tips for the consumer on how to stay in control during the service visit which includes what they should expect from your service department and the critical importance of why you must always pay attention to any shortcomings and improve every step of the way for the best service experience to the consumer.

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