#281 Open AI ChatGPT Pros & Cons for The Automotive Industry


ChatGPT is huge at the moment. How will it enhance your automotive service operations & what will it absolutely not do? 


The buzz around Artificial Intelligence (AI) is that it can revolutionize the automotive service industry, by allowing for more personalized and efficient services for customers. AI can empower service teams to quickly diagnose problems, accurately predict future maintenance needs, and provide personalized customer service. AI can also provide predictive analytics insights to help automotive service teams better manage their operations.

Kieran O’Brien is an entrepreneur, tech founder, and marketer based in Scottsdale,AZ. At the age of 16, O’Brien started an automotive digital marketing firm and has since founded numerous other brands in the tech and marketing space. Kieran pitstops on the show with a deep background and understanding of ChatGPT, but more importantly, the huge opportunities for the automotive service experience. 

We are also honored to have Bill Nalu of Interstate Auto Care, Greg Buckley of Buckleys Auto Care & talented underhood driveability technician Robert Stage call in to give us their thoughts on how they may, or may not use ChatGPT in their daily operations. 

*As discussed on the show, here is the AI resource link with a variety of options for utilizing tools for your benefit. Research it and see what may help your business operations. 

*Show note : As Todd discussed the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) HS build program – make sure to visit their site to help out 



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