#279 Can Artificial Intelligence Make a Difference In the Service Bays?

Artificial Intelligence is now being embraced as a key part of the technology services offered across all sorts of industries and the automotive sector is definitely a key player. In fact, AI in the auto world is influencing the future of self-driving cars and robots helping on the manufacturing floor, and also Voice AI in the Service Bays with software products like Hey Ortho

How does artificial intelligence make its way to your service bays?

Productivity and efficiency are critical and voice recognition software ORTHO helps you save time while giving you the critical information you need -simply ask for the repair and service info you need and within seconds receive a response –VISIT HEYORTHO.COM FOR DETAILS 

Eric Turkington of the RAIN AGENCY stops by the show to discuss the latest in A.I. technology, and as a bonus, Master ASE Technician,and, Instructor Tom Rayk of AVI pitstops with us to discuss all things diesel technology and the upcoming January 2023 AVI Conference Training Conference in Florida 

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