#275 The Excitement of EV Tech -But Will it Be Profitable Service Bay Work for The Aftermarket? Pete Gruber of Gruber Motor Company

The Excitement of EV Tech -But Will it Be Profitable Service Bay Work for The Aftermarket?

The technology of electrification has taken a foothold as many of us are gearing up with the latest training as “E Techs ” ( See ZF North America as an example ). We understand the challenges ahead and are willing to invest both time and money toward the vital skill set that will be required…heck ..we have seen this before right? Maybe? ..Our industry is always transforming and the one thing we do is …evolve.

…but will it all be profitable as a standalone business model for the aftermarket?

Can we look to the pioneers in the automotive space that have successfully launched and profitably operated an EV-based business model as an example? …(they are not easy to find no doubt at this time)…

The first commercial independent Tesla service organization providing engineering and aftermarket support is Gruber Motor Company, led by visionary Pete Gruber, and we are honored to have him on the show LIVE today to pick both his business & tech brain regarding the critical steps required to launching an aftermarket EV service business.

If you are like me and wonder what this all looks like from a business perspective -join me today for a fascinating insight into the future of what our service bays will slowly take shape like, but more importantly, how we can sustain a profit doing what we love!

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