#259 Are You Prepared For an Electric Vehicle Lifestyle ?

EV Sales Increase as Technology Moves Forward 

As the economy slowly corrects by way of increasing inflation, and specifically the price action of unchartered territory….regarding fuel prices… is the consumer ready to make a shift to seriously considering an Electric Vehicle platform or are we years away from a practical solution making our peace to finally separate from fossil fuels. We discuss the practical, and not so practical details of EV platforms and how this transportation transition needs a careful ear and eye before making a decision. 

Is EV Tech truly “green” and climate friendly ?
Commodity resources abound outside of the U.S. -how can we capitalize on the EV transition and are we too late ?
Sensor fusion &  technology for ADAS -EV systems to be aware of -what they are & the importance of human oversight behind the wheel. 

Automotive industry talents Scott Brown of Connie & Dick’s Service Center and Rocky Khamenian of Bimmer & Benz Specialists  join this special edition of WrenchNation as we discuss the challenges facing the EV industry and key tips regarding your next EV purchase . 

*In Depth EV News & Information Source : electrek.co



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