#271 Why Are Many Automotive Shop Owners Reluctant to Join A 20 Group ?

Are 20 Groups & a Shop Coach a Complete Waste of Time?

With the majority of independent shop owners across the country totally removed from any level of coaching or interest in seeking out growth from a 20 Group, we had to ask the logical question….why is this the case?
This topic is close to the heart for me personally since many years ago, with my very first operation, ( before I teamed up with a coaching group ) …I did not believe I needed any help at all and ignorantly had everything under control while I worked 15-hour days to not only lose money..but worse yet…miss the first 5 years of my daughter’s life.
On this SPECIAL EDITION of the WrenchNation show, we dig deep as to why a large majority of the industry is floating out to sea with very little lifeline to not only measure their business metrics and goals but to have a sounding board regarding decisions they make that could affect the future of their automotive ops service and… quality of life.
Renowned industry coach Vic Tasarik of Shop Owner Coach is our special guest as he helps us navigate the topic.
Curious about attending Vic & Murray Voth of RPM Training presentation at AAPEX?

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