#262 Supply Chain Logistics Concerns as EV Demand Increases


Supply Chain Logistics Concerns as EV Demand Increases

As the green movement ramps up quickly and the Electric Vehicle demand starts to increase, how does the automotive supply chain embrace and keep up with the OEM’S? The labor shortages, current supply-demand imbalances, and ripple effects of global bottlenecks have created additional loads on one of the key talents of the supply chain -the Program Manager. 

Actify CEO Dave Opsahl visits the show for a SPECIAL EDITION preview into how the automotive supply chain operates, the current challenges that will need to be addressed, and some of the solutions that exist to aid for a smoother transition into the future.

How are suppliers currently handling the challenges within the EV arena ?

As the “Great Retirement ” of the baby boomer demographic takes a foothold in our economy, how will we overcome the labor shortages that we are seeing? 

How can the Federal Govt act to enhance and help with some of the issues regarding the supply side? 

What are the current concerns with the OEM & Program Manager relationship? 



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