#261 Special Edition : Tech Force Foundation White Paper Release | Women Technicians Solving the Tech Shortage


Woman Techs : Solving the Tech Shortage Problem 

As there is a huge demand for skilled automotive technicians , Tech Force Foundation is carving out huge strides with over 40 million in scholarships providing huge opportunities for younger technicians entering the automotive industry. Tech Force has just released an in depth white paper regarding women who are entering the industry, and some of the biggest challenges they face , despite being relentless about their goals.

Special guests Dana Rapoport of Tech Force Foundation & Dr Dana Nkana of Scott’s Auto stop by the show to open up a sincere discussion about how the automotive industry is embracing change for a more inclusive environment , while still greatly needing areas of improvement. 

Dana Rapoport, Chief of Diversity and Inclusion for TechForce Foundation, is a passionate member of the organization who finds purpose in helping students and instructors reach their career objectives.
Dr. Dana Nkana  was born and raised in the amazing African continent. In his pursuit of the American dream, he gained admission to the University of Illinois where he obtained the following degrees: Bachelor of Science, Master of Law, Master of Science, and a doctorate in Management and Leadership, with an Emphasis in Organizational Development from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona where he know is the Chief Learning Officer for the award winning Scott’s Auto based out of Colorado , and now in Phoenix with a new location on 7th st totalling 5 locations

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