#256 Automotive Scholarships Making Huge Strides For Skilled Trades

Automotive Scholarships Making Huge Strides For Skilled Trades

One of the greatest needs in the automotive community is the fundraising & charitable donations that quietly contribute to many up and coming automotive students, giving them not only the opportunity to succeed, however, in many occasions, a major MAJOR life de stressor.. as costs can pile up.
Collision Repair Education Foundation’s Director of Development Brandon Eckenrode & Philanthropist retired collision industry veteran Tim Adelmann are our special guests this week, as we dive in to this critical area of the industry !
Join us as we discuss :
  • Are we making a difference, or are we still trudging uphill to seek collision industry talent ?
  • Do parents still have the same negative viewpoints of the industry?
  • Tim Adelmann donation set to make a difference for many students/shares why so important
  • Corporate Automotive America & the Scholarships Available and
  • CREF Scholarship Winner Pays it Forward Big Time-Her Incredible Story Shifting Careers

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