#255 How to Navigate the Murky Waters of a Market Correction In Your Service Bays

Inflation Worries : How to Navigate & Keep Your Automotive Service Ops One Step Ahead

How to navigate the murky waters of a market correction & remain on top in your service bays .

We are seeing a hodge podge of viewpoints in the stock market , with the FEDS slowly ramping up interest rates -in attempts to hedge the wild side of record breaking inflation. With a noticeable downtrend as of recent ( MAY 2022) and a miserable earnings season for many corporations, how will this effect the consumer and specifically-what do we need to be prepared for with our automotive service enterprises ?

Automotive talent Kim Hickey of Automotive Training Institute & the Maximum Octane Podcast pitstops on the show to discuss some of the key basics of your financial house that need to be in shape .

The importance of cleaning your financial house to keep a low debt factor.

What language do I use in my marketing presentations during this economic climate? 

Back to the Basics : Service Advisor Skill Set Improvements 

Why cutting back on Marketing Budget will be the Death of Your Ops 


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