#254 The Great Resignation Bust & Skilled Trades Boom : Automotive Enrollment| Education on the RISE

The Great Resignation Bust & Skilled Trades Boom : Automotive Enrollment on the RISE

With the old, and quite frankly,  beat up headlines of “SKILLED TRADES SHORTAGE IN DIRE STRAIGHTS”….many in the automotive industry ..from Shop owners, dealer franchisees & educators have taken the bull by the horn with huge strides in attracting younger talent towards a career path as an automotive technician.

LATEST NEWS REPORT Skilled Trades Enrollment Uptick

Many of you are working hard to change the game & take control of your future operations and have dedicated resources to help make a BIG DIFFERENCE to get the word out …..AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIANS are NOT ONLY NEEDED ….but one of the most respectable & stable career choices that can be had.

Join us for this special edition of Wrench Nation with special guest Automotive industry talent & shop operator Greg Buckley of Buckley’s Auto Care  

Apply for Automotive Scholarships : Tech Force Foundation 





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