#249 Hot Wheels Mania : Guinness Book World Record Holder : Mike Zarnock

Mike Zarnock Hot Wheels Passion 

As the world renowned “Super Collector of Hot Wheels ” & 2021 Hot Wheels Hall of Famer, Mike Zarnock lives and breathes all things Hot Wheels. With a collection that goes way back in time, and a true passion for Hot Wheels , Mike is inspiring many as a historian and YouTuber who brings you in to the world of collecting and leaves you wanting more !

Partnering with our good friend Fireball Tim Lawrence , a HOLLYWOOD CONCEPT ARTIST responsible for over 400 vehicle designs of some of the most famous Hollywood Movie Cars including BATMAN, AVENGERS, PRIEST and more…( his 989 Batmobile is currently at the Petersen Museum in Hollywood)… who RECENTLY teamed up with Mike Zarnock to create an incredible COLORING BOOK :

*Official MIKE ZARNOCK Coloring Book: 19 of the coolest HOT WHEELS on the Planet you can COLOR

Amassing over 8k Hot Wheels cars and ultimately landing on Ripley’s Believe it or Not while also setting a Guinness Book of World records back in 2003 & 2007, Mike is our special guest on this edition of Wrench Nation ! 


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