#244 Clutch & Battery Tips : Steve Neukum AMS Automotive


With a streamlined and very efficient approach.. AMS offers Clutch Kits & Hydraulics (Rhino Pak) & the reliability behind the automotive industry leading batteries that you deserve in their Power Sonic lineup of batteries.
Steve Neukum of AMS joins us to discuss technical tips regarding clutch systems and what we may take for granted when it comes to that quietly resting battery & especially that auxiliary battery that we are starting to see in more & more vehicles.
The worst thing when you purchase a part , is not having the technical support that sometimes is required when working under hood with a vehicle , or on your ATV or motorcycle…AMS offers real world ASE certified technicians with their help \support line that is ready to make you successful when working in the service bays or on your own ride ASE Certified tech team at 800.528.6743 or visit www.showmetheparts.com/AMS to source your next clutch kit or battery 

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