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The Art & Style of Kustom Kar Culture 

Stepping back in time during the 1950’s & through the Southern California Hot Rod community of the 1960’s ..many styles , designs and fashions developed through automotive artists like Von Dutch ( Kenny Howard ) , and custom car builder Ed “Big Daddy” Ed Roth ( behind the notorious Rat Fink culture  ) , along with names like lowrider custom builders Sam and George Barris . 
Each of these distinct styles of customizing cars, like Barris Kustoms Little Deuce Coupe of which chopping down the roof line , shaved door handles or piecing together bits from a variety of different vehicle platforms gave it that new look of swagger and kustom kar  originality.
Kustom kar culture was born out of the shear necessity of unique expression and automotive design shaping the experiences of the day within the hot rod community that brought about a community vibe which included everything from wild pinstripe paint jobs, to chopped Mercurys to custom designed Harley Davidsons with deep black primer paint work , along with the music ,cartoons and movies that kept car culture a growing movement , including to this very day during the modern era of automotive design & technology.
Special Guest Von Hot Rod https://bit.ly/3ri5VBS has a deep and respected legacy of motorsports & history, as well as the passion for kustom kar culture running through his veins from day one ! Whether operating a rock a billy nightclub, designing & building some phenomenal works of vehicular rolling art, or laying down some serious pin-striping artwork –Von continues to educate and share , while growing future generations to that kustom kar culture vibe of spirit and family .

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