#219 In The Rough : Seeking a Rare Classic Car Gem

Never Give Up the Hunt 

Digging deep researching your next classic car acquisition does take time , and in some occasions this vehicular hunt can frustratingly dry up quickly. Investigating leads , clearing through abandoned desolate fields or historic farm barns , and the false advertisements that have you on a wild goose chase ..to only reveal a vehicle that was not what you were exactly looking for can make you just give up . All of these scenarios can play out when tracking down that very vehicle you so aspire to have. 

Vintage Rare One of One Find

Greg Ovist of Geezzup   http://bit.ly/3bB9sEP   is no stranger to car culture and that classic vehicle hunt. His methodical and structured approach has not only led to his personal top classic car find of a vintage 1 of 1 gem that will go through the rounds of restoration , but more importantly consulting many of his active clients who rely on his ability to aid in their classic vehicle acquisition ! 

Greg joins us on this special edition of Wrench Nation to investigate the strategies and techniques of how to acquire that classic vehicle for your collection, while shedding a few tips about how he approaches the hunt for his classic vehicle acquisition clients . 

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