#210 Electric Vehicle Recharge Access : The Challenges Ahead

Electric Vehicle Recharge Access : The Challenges Ahead

It’s more than just passenger cars that are slowly transitioning towards electric vehicle platforms  — from New York to Mississippi , quiet electric transit buses are sprinting throughout municipalities across the country  !- Los Angeles will see the first Electric Fire Truck in the nation next year , while the sounds of the neighborhood garbage truck go somewhat silent as a more efficient electric sanitation truck comes to market real soon . 

A recent study performed by Duke University revealed the serious health costs with each gallon of gasoline purchased at the local fuel station,  carrying with it.. up to $3.80 in health and environmental costs. 

Electric vehicle demand is here.. but this demand carries a huge concern for the consumer about the practicality of it all …and the available charging stations to operate with ease and convenience.  Eversource Energy https://bit.ly/35GGTUI  is leading the “charge” forward with the energy technology & resources for the electric vehicle market ! Lead EV Program Director James Cater joins us as we navigate through the fascinating future of electric vehicle platforms , however, more importantly the vital demand and function of EV Charging stations –

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