#198 Jason Torchinsky : 2021 Bronco ; Dirt Cheap Changli EV & Elon Musk Level 5 Claim

All the Rage -2021 Ford Bronco Announcement -Will it Live Up to the Hype ?

This past week brought about some pretty exciting news by way of the 2021 Ford Bronco launch. Will it live up to it’s claims & make a dent in the four wheel community , especially amongst die hard Jeep fans ?

Additionally we investigate what has to be pound for pound, and dollar for dollar, the worlds cheapest EV platforms on the planet -the practical Changli EV.

Possibly the Worlds Cheapest EV Availablehttps://bit.ly/38Y6Y1H

We also attempt to make sense of Elon Musk of Tesla recent claim during conference in Shanghai of LEVEL 5 accomplishment by end of year ish ?

Jalopnik Senior Editor & Author Jason Torchinsky https://amzn.to/3heh5SU

Jason Torchinsky, senior editor of Jalopnik & author of Robot Take the Wheel : The Road to Autonomous Cars and the Lost Art of Driving stops by the show to discuss his intimate relationship of the Changli EV & his words of wise regarding all things autonomous and somewhat excited stance regarding the 2021 Ford Bronco

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