#193 Rebecca Nguyen -Marketing Manager and Event Coordinator ClassicCars.com What makes a future collector vehicle ?

What drives the future of a potential collector vehicle ? From the Nissan 280z to the Toyota Supra -event coordinator of Future Collector Car Show Rebecca Nguyen joins us live in studio as we navigate the next generation of classic cars . https://bit.ly/2SWw5vQ

Marketing Manager and Event Coordinator ClassicCars.com  specializing in the automotive industry with a background in graphic design, photography, videography, and social media marketing strategies -Rebecca Nguyen joins us on this edition of Wrench Nation Car Talk

The yester years of the near recent 80’s & 90’s has many of us looking back with awe regarding those model vehicles that were introduced with new fanfare and cutting edge automotive sophistication. After-all the Toyota Supra and Nissan Z class were popular then & currently standing strong as future classics, along with many other platforms that we may have just shrugged a shoulder at while cruising in an original classic like a 68 Mustang or Chevy.

While it takes a marketplace of automotive passion and demand to ultimately create a future classic..what lays beneath it all to create raving gear heads import and domestic alike ? What is the common thread that creates a mantra for a future classic ? As the robust days of chrome and big blocks manufactured with the pride of American muscle and spirit slowly give way to the imports & domestics of sleek and efficiency style –we explore the future classic vehicle market with the talented Rebecca Ngyuen who has laid the groundwork for success within the arena of the future classic vehicle. 


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