#192 Police & Automotive Pros Team Up for Youth Outreach!

At-Risk Youth Issue Continues

Youth involvement in gangs is a serious problem across the country, whether you’re in a big city or the land of suburbia. Many of us see gang graffiti yet glance over it as we have become numb to the blight and crime. The National Gang Center reports that over the past decade, annual estimates of the number of gang members have averaged around 770,000 nationally.

Shift Gang Graffiti to Automotive Repair and Car Customization

Police departments are stretched thin for resources, yet officers all across our country create or volunteer to help their community. Dragg Racing Against Gangs & Graffiti (DRAGG) https://bit.ly/DRAGGTeam is an innovative afterschool program in the City of Oxnard California where police officers and people from the automotive industry mentor local high school students.

A new spin on an old idea; keep the youth focused on the future with positive influences and they will stay out of trouble. This positive learning opportunity teaches youth responsibility and respect for others in the unique environment of the automotive industry, while gaining hands on exposure to knowledge of automotive careers. These programs are also active in Phoenix, AZ, and this month launched in Los Angeles!

We are excited to talk with DRAGG Executive Director Sargeant Woodruff, with the Oxnard Police Department, and DRAGG Phoenix Director Officer Teerink, with the Phoenix Police Department, to talk about the successes and impact the DRAGG program is having on young people. Follow them on Instagram or Twitter.

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