#189 Turbocharged Direct Injection Engines

Modern Day Engine

With millions of direct injection turbocharged engines on the road today, we examine some of the critical and costly failures that may arise due to service neglect. We also will investigate why this combination of power has been widely successful for both MPG and the environment by way of lower emissions, while providing case examples of repairs directly from the service bays that many automotive technicians are experiencing.

Industry Ambassador

Diagnostic Network https://bit.ly/DiagnosticNetwork is a modern network for technicians and professionals in the automotive, collision, and heavy-duty service markets. A community where auto service industry professionals can learn to use scan tools, scopes, and other diagnostic instruments to their full potential. A place to engage with your peers and industry partners, move your career to the next level, and stay on top of industry trends and technology advancements, by continuously improving your situational awareness and diagnostic proficiency.

We are thrilled to have back to the show our special guest Scott Brown, the industry ambassador of Diagnostic Network as well as a master technician and owner of Connie and Dicks Auto Service Center in Claremont, CA. He joins Frank to investigate the dynamic duo of direct injection turbocharged engines. 

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