#188 Hybrid Vehicle Service & Diagnostics

Hybrid Vehicle

Hybrid vehicle technology has been a mainstay for years with consumers support of a cleaner environment.

Some of you technicians may have serviced these vehicles in your garage cautiously, yet generally speaking, with relative ease. With advancements in technology, the difficulty has increased and thus comes the need for additional training and tools.

Maintenance & Diagnostics

More hybrid and electric vehicles will be turning up for service at your repair shop. The sophistication of the diagnostics, special maintenance requirements, dangerous voltage situations, proper safety knowledge, and the future of hybrid vehicles.

We take a closer look at these issues with the help of our guest today, Dave Hobbs, Senior Field Technical Trainer and ASE Master Technician, L1, L3 specialist with Delphi Technologies https://bit.ly/DelphiTechnologies Dave’s 40-years’ experience in the industry started as a technician and service manager in his family’s auto electric business in Kokomo, Indiana. He is an instructor in over 50 training videos and a contributor to Motor Age Magazine.

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