#182 Education & Training for Collision Repair Technicians

My Car Crashed. Now What?
How many of us actually think about the details of a repair after a collision? Do we realize the intense process of skilled craftsmanship and technology challenges that technicians overcome while quietly nursing back to health your ride after a fender bender? You notice the airbags where horrific, the body damage was pretty nasty and it seems that every instrument cluster light is on.
For the most part we don’t and quite frankly that is understandable, after all, you have better things to worry about. We tow the vehicle into our chosen collision repair shop, receive a rental and wait patiently until our prized vehicular possession is all doctored up and ready to hit the road again.
A Behind the Scenes Look at Collision Repairs
We offer an exclusive look at the incredibly sophisticated world of collision repair, welding, paint and all things fender bender service that you may be taking for granted. The amazing amount of training involved to get this perfect, and the amount of advanced tools\software\hardware technology combined with world class technicians to get that crashed up accordion like disaster whole and new again. You may be surprised with the amount of skill set it takes to make it all happen.
Join us as John Van Alstyne, CEO & President for I-CAR https://bit.ly/ICARCollisionEducation and Brandon Eckenrode, Director of Development for Collision Repair Education Foundation https://bit.ly/CollisionEdFoundation join us to take us inside the industry. They shed light on the action in the collision service bays, revealing the training and technology at hand to make your vehicle pretty again after a wreck.

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