#175 Critical Shortage of Auto Technicians and Solutions

Critical Shortage

There is a critical shortage of automotive technicians and the U.S. Labor Bureau estimates about 46,000 automotive technicians will be needed by 2026. Today’s cars have more computing power than the system that guided Apollo astronauts to the moon. The Apollo 11 spaceship had 150,000 lines of code. Google’s mobile Android operating system has 12 million and the modern car can have 100 million lines of code. Modern technicians spend as much time in front of a computer as they do under a hood. These jobs require people with tactile intelligence, education and interest in S.T.E.M. related training. They need strong technology expertise and diagnostic and problem-solving skills. It’s no longer simply about wrenches and oil. It’s a world filled with advanced equipment and technology, and it requires technicians with sophisticated, high-tech training.

Resources to help

TechForce Foundation is a 501(c)(3) that champions students to and through their education and into careers as professional technicians. They are a resource for students, their parents, influencers helping them find technical training, internships, scholarships and jobs. Many teens are looking to work with their hands and aren’t interested in going to a four year college. These careers are New Collar, Not Blue Collar, positions and are lucrative financially.

Welcome This Week’s Guests!

We were honored to have CEO of TechForce Foundation https://bit.ly/2LUh2wW Jennifer Maher and A.S.E. Master Technician and Automotive Instructor Cody Metcalf of one of the premier High School Trade schools in the country East Valley Institute of Technology!

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