#165 Apex Motor Club – Luxury Car Condos Meets Racetrack

The Ultimate Vehicular Hangout

There is a quiet movement among car enthusiasts across the country regarding the storage of their prized possessions. Add to that, the serious demand for a club like environment with high end amenities from luxury lounges and service facilities, to an actual racetrack to rev your wheels and vehicular soul. From earthquake proof storage facilities in Los Angeles, to the sprawling acreage to lay out your horsepower inner beast of McLaren, Ferrari or Mustang, welcome the Apex Motor Club in Arizona https://bit.ly/ApexMotorClub, where car condos meet racetrack.

One of a Kind. From Rest to Race.

The ability to open up the throttle and get to the inner depths of the soul and spirit of a well-crafted rolling machine. The freedom to express all aspects of performance, and your race skill set through your investment, is a release of pride and joy. Teaming up as co-founders of Apex Motor Club are Jason Plotke, a 20-year automotive industry veteran, and Matt Williams, a 14-year automotive entertainment industry veteran, who brilliantly put together one of the premier world class racetracks complete with luxury car condos, country club amenities and exclusive racing events https://bit.ly/ApexMotorClub.

Join us as we discuss behind the scenes of the build out of a race track combined with a concept for one of the most exclusive car condos in the country!

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