#163 Those Ridiculous Driving Habits That Drive You Crazy

Please and Thank You 

Mom always said from our early years say “Thank You” and “Please,” a staple of the basics towards being neighborly and thoughtful of the people around us. Over time, many of us have lost that principle of life to certain degree and in some cases all together, especially when driving our vehicles. Can we blame the time constraints of our crazy schedules that have us running around without taking time out to remember to slow our thought processes down and focus on this important activity, particularly when we are behind the wheel of what could turn into a maniacal road rage incident or worse yet, a disastrous collision with the loss of precious life?

You’re Not Alone 

The fact is we are all culprits of distracted driving to some degree or another and the multitude of things that we can perform behind the wheel that can create an annoying or selfish act towards our fellow road warriors has unfortunately gotten worse. Is this attributed to technology, that is actually designed to help us, or that attention span, since we are so focused on other things that seem to be more important to us, and not being “present” to this moment that could go bad in a NY minute? We take a look at some of the most annoying driving behaviors and talk with our guest who knows first hand the tragedy of distracted driving.

Barbara Hoffman, Executive Director of Red Means Stop Traffic Safety Alliance, stops by to share her story of losing her son Michael from a tragic red light runner and how she has campaigned diligently for safer driving habits and roadways.

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