#161 The Soaring Growth of Electric Vehicles in China

A Multitude of Car Brands & Chinese Electric Vehicle Growth. 

As the behemoth of the automotive marketplace, China has an impressive amount of vehicles on the road, as well as vehicles sold on a yearly output basis. The population and middle class  boom of recent years has set an unprecedented rate of growth and development of infrastructure to keep up with demand. The vehicle marketplace, specifically in the electric vehicle space, has exploded and China has taken the world stage with how it decides to provide a more efficient way moving forward for the future of transportation, pollution and global commerce.

The Vehicular Streets of Beijing. 

At one point in time, the Chinese elite and wealthy were the privileged few to actually own any major mode of vehicle transportation. With the advent of China’s years past economic boom and growth, it is more common place for the average person to own a vehicle, which ,like many cities across the world, has contributed to heavy traffic, congestion and pollution. The need for a more reliable future, independent from crude oil relationships and a more environmentally responsible leap in to the future, China has developed and currently dominates the electric vehicle market. With special guest Hong Kong based journalist & reporter, Echo Huang , https://bit.ly/EchoHuang we explore the fascinating electric vehicle market of China.

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