#141 Aurora Straus-Breaking Barriers in MotorSports

“I was told I am not cut out for this.  That I am not aggressive enough and I am a girl.”

Starting out as young teenager with a basic driving school session of how to safely maneuver icy roads while learning to master a stick shift ride, race car driver Aurora Straus stumbled upon her path. Listen to her share her incredible story of courage and the willingness to champion through her young race career on the track, despite the haters and naysayers. 

A current Harvard student and accomplished musician, Aurora Strauss stops by the Wrench Nation Car Talk show highlighting her very first time cracking speeds of over 100mph as a pro on the track, while practicing a specific pre-race tradition to ease her mind. With a passion for competition and a serious appetite for the discipline required to stay focused in a male dominated business, Aurora brings a powerful interview filled with inspiration. As a role model for many younger girls pursuing and interest in the automotive industry,this young lady packs a serious positive punch inspiring many, while still remaining humble about an exciting future as a professional race car driver. 

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